After developing the best possible script for THE OESER, we will continue working on our already great script. We are turning the script into THE 7TH virtual piano instrument and adjust it to match our Yamaha’s well balanced playability and sound. Of course we will record the sympathetic resonance of each string. Furthermore, we will add extra features to our virtual piano THE 7TH for the Native Instruments platform.

Classical pianists often use the piano more extensive compared to the average pianist. For example to name a specific feature: half damper. Classical pianists use the sustain pedal to balance the dampers on the strings. So you have the high notes more damped while maintaining tone on the lower end whilst also maintaining more resonance. So, pedal owners who have control values instead of switches will be able to control this feature on our sampled virtual piano instrument “THE 7TH”. Also, we’ll add the sostenuto pedal functionality and record all keys with the una corda pedal pressed as well. This una corda sound will be added to the main THE 7TH so you can control it with a separate pedal, like the sustain and sostenuto. But if you do not own a 3 pedal setup, you can still use this unique and intimate sound, as we will release it as a separate instrument. Last but not least, we will add the option to “catch” the release tail and resonance of the piano, after the strings are dampened, with your sustain pedal. Every piano “sings” a little when the pianist tries to quiet her down. This trace of sound would naturally end up in re-pedalling the sustain.

We are keeping the user interface of THE 7TH virtual piano instrument exactly the same as THE OESER’s. As we believe in simplicity of controls when playing a virtual piano. Therefor you can adjust your sound with one of our three microphone positions and enhance your experience with the pedal noise and key mechanics. Of course you are able to adjust the playability of the piano through velocity response. Finally you are able to adjust the tone even more with your preferred lid position.


Your THE 7TH virtual piano library comes with 5 sampled instruments, with presets made to sound exactly like the Yamaha concert grand sounds in studio A at Key Productions. Also THE 7TH includes several snapshots (presets) to get you started or to quickly switch between different sounds. THE 7TH Sample pack is included and free of charge.


  • THE 7TH Pure: You will get the experience of being in studio A of Key Productions. As you are playing the Yamaha as we would record it for most of our productions. We came up with purely the best sound after extensively testing different setups. Of course you can add our signature bottom microphone position  to the overall sound. The first time Arjen experienced this setup on the Yamaha C7 he couldn’t stop smiling.
  • THE 7TH Una Corda: Many pianists at our studio instinctively press the una corda pedal to be able to play more intimately. The piano has so much resonance and vibrant tone that even in una corda this Yamaha C7 shines. So we will make an individual instrument out of the una corda samples, because not everyone owns a multiple pedal setup.
  • THE 7TH Felted: We are sure of the fact you never thought a Yamaha C7 could sound so great white played felted. Well actually it was a surprise for us too.  This instrument was really challenging to record due to our custom made felt for the C7. This piano setup will be the inspiration for many love songs.
  • THE 7TH Muted: This instrument is recorded while muting the strings by hand. This will give you numerous producing options and a great new sound experience. Experience how our grand piano sings! Together with another THE 7TH instrument this is a great sounding combination. Also you can combine it with any other piano library you own; or use it as a soundscaping instrument.
  • THE 7TH Picked: A fun way to explore another great sound pianos can produce if you get creative. “THE 7TH Picked” is picked by the hand of a great guitarist. He carefully selected the best pick for this piano and recorded each string in several velocities not playing the keys but picking the strings with a guitar pick! This wil give you complete control of the piano in a whole new way. Mix this instrument with other libraries to explore the endless possibilities.


  • The Natural Experience: Experience the sound our artists fall in love with by choosing this snapshot. We are going to create a well balanced preset to replicate the C7’s authentic sound in Studio A of Key Productions.
  • A Romantic Moment: As this snapshot was a no-brainer for THE OESER, we think this intimate sound will suit THE 7TH as well. This, because our Yamaha C7 has so much resonance and warmth to offer. As a matter of fact we expect this snapshot to be the inspiration of even more love songs!
  • Get Underneath: The awesomeness of our signature bottom microphone position was discovered lying underneath this piano. With such a big body, this piano really overwhelms you with its sound. When you hear this snapshot, you will understand why we have named this our “signature bottom position”.
  • Attack This: Yamaha pianos are renowned for their use in pop productions. Of course we will create a snapshot to instantly get you started with a great sounding pop piano. The only difference will be that we will search for the perfect balance between a pop and rock sound. Combine this with the typical character this piano has to offer and “THE 7TH Attack This” will stand out from the crowd.
  • The Couch Experience: Yes, we also have a couch in studio A. Being a listener when someone plays the C7 is always a different, sometimes even enlightening experience. As you will experience the typical sound of studio A, you will be able to be in a listeners position with this snapshot. This well crafted acoustic studio really enhances the sound of the C7! So uniquely we will sample the acoustics with room microphones instead of adjusting a built-in reverb.


THE 7TH virtual piano instrument

If you have purchased our THE OESER virtual piano instrument, you are already familiar with our simplistic user interface. We believe this one page layout will help you focus on what is important and limit distractions while playing THE 7TH. Specifically helpful is the way you can turn off each microphone and experience features with the red mute buttons. Also, you will be able to quickly adjust your sound, or check if your current settings are working for you. You can finetune your sound which you can customize simply by turning the knobs in the the microphone section of THE 7TH User Interface. And if you own a Native Instruments KOMPLETE Kontrol unit, you will have these 8 knobs available at your fingertips.

As we will record the Yamaha C7 concert grand piano with perfect phase balance you can mix any sound you would like without compromising the stereo balance! Therefor we will record the C7 with three microphone positions consisting of carefully selected stereo condenser microphones to complement the Yamaha’s character. Firstly the position of the top and bottom pairs will be close to the instrument. Secondly the overhead pair of microphones will be positioned 1,5 meter above the C7. Finally we even will go beyond these 3 positions and place a 4th pair further away from the piano. To capture the magnificent sound of studio A we will add these reverberation recordings in the experience section.


The second and third sections of THE 7TH User Interface are dedicated to add user experience. After customizing your sound in the microphone section you can enhance your experience by introducing pedal noise and/or key mechanics. The pedal noises will be recorded many times and cycled through at random when pressing and lifting the pedals, so you won’t hear the same sound over and over again. The key mechanics will be recorded for each individual key and in multiple velocities. The reverb on this piano won’t be a well adjusted internal impulse response like on THE OESER, but we will record the room along with every key recording because of the special complimenting acoustics of studio A. You will find this sound under the 3rd knob in the experience section.

The first tone aspect you can adjust is the velocity. By default the velocity setting will match the dynamic range of the C7 as we profiled the piano with a custom made device. To adjust the weight of the keys and the response in tone, just turn the velocity knob to your personal taste, or to compensate for your midi keyboard. You can adjust the settings of the lid to adjust the tone even more. Close the lid for less high frequencies and open it up for more brightness. You can set this to any position to suit your taste, or productional needs.

THE 7TH virtual piano instrument